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Annual Membership Contest


The American Camellia Society
2014/2015 Membership Recruitment Contest

The 2014-2015 Membership Contest is now ready to take off. It will run from October 1, 2014, through April 30, 2015. Individual members and camellia clubs can help introduce the benefits of belonging to the national organization to friends, family and colleagues.

The individual who signs up the most new members will receive a $200 Gift Certificate for merchandise at Nuccio’s Nursery in Altadena, California. The runner-up will receive a $100 Gift Certificate for merchandise at Nuccio’s Nursery. Prospective members can be your neighbors, coworkers, fellow shoppers at your favorite garden center, and people who compliment the blossoms you share during the season.

Keep a few copies of the application in your car or purse so that you will have them to use as conversation starters with potential new members. Make sure you are always ready to help people you meet to grow their interest in camellias. During blooming season, share your flowers with area churches, your office, the chamber of commerce, and other civic groups to attract interest from the general community. Many people who appreciate the beauty of the camellia may be unaware of the benefits of joining the ACS.

The club which signs up the most new members will receive a $200 Gift Certificate for merchandise at the American Camellia Society Gift Shop. The runner-up club will receive a $100 Gift Certificate for merchandise at the American Camellia Society Gift Shop. Show season is an excellent time for your club to recruit new members. Club leaders can coach members assigned to the ACS membership recruitment table at each show. Welcoming visitors to the show and introducing them to the advantages of becoming a member if good way to add value to your show. Encourage any of your local members who are not already national members to join. Ask members who give talks or visit local garden clubs to promote ACS membership.


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Contest Details For Individuals AND Clubs/Societies

New members can be signed up by having them apply using the online application form. You may also request a supply of membership applications from the American Camellia Society headquarters by emailing lhuff@americancamellias.org
or by calling Lorie Huff, Membership Coordinator, at (877) 422-6355 or (478) 967-2358.

Rejoining members do not qualify as new members. Membership applications are provided with show kits to help clubs showcase benefits at the ACS membership recruitment table as required for cooperative shows. To refresh your knowledge of membership benefits, visit the “Join Us” page on the website by clicking on “Become a Member Now” option from the menu on the left side of each page.

How to submit an application:
Competitors should write your name or the club’s name on the upper right hand corner of the paper applications. Ask the candidates who use the online application to type your name or the club’s name in the “referred by” field so that credit for the recruitments can be tallied throughout the campaign. You or your club may submit or sponsor as many applications as you like. The name of the individual or club competitor must appear on the application form in order to get credit for signing up the new member. The new membership application must be received by April 30, 2015 to qualify.

At the end of the contest, we will determine the winners based on the total of new members sponsored or submitted by the individual or club/society. After the contest ends, the winners will be announced immediately on the American Camellia Society website and in the ACS Camellia Journal. Once the competition commences (October 1, 2015), a weekly updated listing of results—both individual and club/society competitors—will be posted on the ACS website.